SMS Middle School 6-8 Supply List for 2016-17

All 6th – 8th Grade Students

Sturdy pencil bag (canvas or bank bag type) with the following inside:

15 ballpoint or gel pens (black)

20 – #2 pencils OR 3 mechanical pencils with extra lead

3 Highlighters, different colors

4 red-ink ballpoint or gel correcting pens

2 erasers


2 glue sticks

2 fine point sharpies (black)

2 extra fine point sharpies (black)

colored pencils (24 or more

4 one-inch (1”) three-ring binder OR 1 three-inch (3”) three-ring binder

4 packages college-ruled paper

1 package of 5 subject dividers

3 packages of 100 index cards (3×5)

1 package of post it notes

3 boxes of tissue

2 rolls of paper towels

2 Clorox wipes

Water Bottle for classroom and PE – label with name

2 composition books (one for LA, one for Science) – all grades

1 composition book for 6th grade Social Studies

5-pocket expandable file for homework

Current King County library card


Current 6-8th students will receive their math assignment with the final report card.

New 6-8th students will be assessed for math placement the first week of school. 

Middle School Math

1 pad of graphing paper (0.5 cm squares)

2 composition books

Scientific Calculator – preferred:

TI-30X IIS  (about $13 on amazon or at Target)

High School Geometry

1 more 1-inch binder

1 pad of graphing paper (0.5 cm squares)

Scientific Calculator – preferred:        

        TI-30X IIS  (about $13 on amazon or at Target)

2 more pkg. of 3×5 index cards with storage box