7th Grade Weekly Updates



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Week of: —-June 12-16  ***LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL

6/12–regular schedule
6/13-regular schedule
6/14- regular schedule




Notes for the week of —
June 12-16
Here are a few items to remember this week and next:
  • March 13-June 16—-3rd TRIMESTER 
  • Tardy Plan **See plan below
  • Dear Middle School Families,
    As a continuing effort to create a good environment for learning, we have to address issues that arise.  Our middle school students have had lots of practice changing classes.  However, some are habitually late which causes disruptions when they do come to class.  Teachers have to take time out of teaching to find tardy students and deal with this.  Therefore, we have decided to institute more exact rules about tardies.  Mr. Sherman and Ms. Romero have given their support to our efforts.
    We have spoken to the middle school students and they know that this goes into effect when we return on Tuesday, Jan 17.  We have put a lot of thought into making sure that those who have a reasonable excuse are not punished.
    Thank you,
    Middle School Team


    1.  At the beginning of school, white late slips will be issued by the office as normal.  These tardies do not count against a student since it is not usually the student’s fault they are late.
    2.  When changing classes, students need to be in class when the second bell rings.  When the bell rings, the teachers will lock the doors.  Any student not there must come to the office to get a blue unexcused tardy slip from Mrs. Cole or Mrs. Morrissey.  The student will write their name and the date on the slip and take it to their teacher to gain admittance to class.
    3.  After 3 blue tardies, a note will go home and the student will be assigned to a work detail.  The homeroom teacher of that student is in charge of work detail for his/her students.
    5.  A separate set of yellow excused tardy passes will be made available to teachers, Mrs. Romero and Mrs. Patterson if a student needs an excused tardy.  These will not count against a student.  For example, if a teacher holds a student back to talk or a student returning from a meeting with the office staff.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Thanks, as always, for your continued support this year!
Have a great week!:):))::)