8 Religion Overview

       8th GRADE RELIGION                    

      Teacher: Mrs. Di Shepp                                                                                

The Eight Grade Religion curriculum has several key objectives:

  1. To journey together towards a deeper understanding of our religious beliefs and traditions.
  2. To deepen our understanding about Jesus, and how his life’s journey can help students learn more about their own journey in life.
  3. To enable students to come to the understanding that religion is a way of responding to God and that faith is a gift, which helps them deal with life’s questions.
  4. To help students realize the value of community.
  5. To help students become familiar with the basic divisions, major events, and key personalities in the history of our Church.
  6. To understand and live the Catholic Social Teachings. 

     The Eight Graders will be using various resources for their curriculum. Among them are: a series entitled Faith First published by Benziger; Scripture and the bible; 2nd Step Program; units on Advent and Lent, etc.  This sharing of faith includes many dimensions: instruction in doctrine, scripture, and morality; the journey of learning more about Jesus, the Trinity, the Kingdom of God, and the profound respect and love of the Catholic Church and its Sacraments; the experience of prayer and liturgy; the building of a value system; the ability to relate teaching to life; knowledge of the rich heritage we share in time, place, and people, and the profound respect and love of the Catholic Church.

     Students will also be expected to actively participate in class and come prepared with assignments and materials. They should be prepared to question when there is a need, and to seriously reflect upon the content of text and classroom discussions.  

  • Each student will be required to complete 15 Service Hours each trimester. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves a little bit, and try their service beyond the boundaries of the school. They may get together with classmates or friends and come up with service ideas of their own—helping with a food drive, volunteering at the church nursery or a nursing home, helping out a neighbor or the elderly, etc. 
  • We are really making an effort to bring our faith to life!  
  • **All service needs to be given from the heart and not rewarded with monetary means.


8h Grade Religion Expectations    St. Madeleine Sophie 

Grade 8

Through prayer, study of scriptures, reading of texts, service projects, and other opportunities, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the Catholic faith tradition.  Students will be able to explain the highlighted K-8 vocabulary and be able to recite the highlighted K-8 prayers.  They will be able to identify the distinguishing features of the Trinity, the role prayer plays in personal and community life, and significance of the Eucharist, the Liturgical Year, and how God’s nature is revealed in scripture.  Students will learn about the beginnings of the Christian Church, how saints inspire our growth as disciples, and about the Ecumenical and Interfaith movements.  Through service students will develop leadership qualities while enhancing our community and improving the lives of others in need.



The final grade will be made up of the following 6 Tasks of Catechesis Domains from the Archdiocese of Seattle: Knowledge of the Faith; Liturgical Education; Moral Education; Prayer; Life, Community and History of the Church; Missionary Spirit.  Daily work  (student warm-ups and class activities) and participation will be reflected on the report card under Self-Directed Learning.


Catholic Youth Bible (NAB)

Faith First: Mystery of God, Faith First: Church History

  • 1.  All students will bring to class each day the following materials:                   
  • pens/pencils/markers
  • a notebook for journal writing
  • a quiet reading book 

2.   Homework:  Homework may be given on occasion, especially for a long range project. Missing work or late work becomes a “0” percent, unless there is an excused absence, a note, an e-mail, or phone call from home explaining the situation. 

3. Quizzes/Tests: These will be given at the end of each unit taught and each during a trimester.

4. Students who are absent the day of a quiz/test are expected to take it the day they return, unless the absence has been more than three days. Tests which are not passed may be improved by corrections on the test, with a parent’s signature. The re-corrected test will then receive a passing score. 

5. Discussion/Participation: Each student is expected to be an active participant in the classroom activities and discussion. Respect for other students and their contributions are expected as well.

 6. Service Hours: Each student is expected to complete 15 Service Hours each trimester as part of their Religion grade. Students will submit a “commitment form” at the end of each trimester which outlines their service plans, and will be signed by a parent. Up to ½ of the total hours for the 1st trimester may include hours completed over the summer. These hours should not be compensated with monetary means as well. 

7. Journal: Your Religion notebook will be used to take class notes from class lectures, research, as well as, a weekly journal. Students will record reflections, chapter work, and class notes from Bible readings. The journal section will be scanned for completion for grading purposes, but personal reflections (content) will not be graded.

 8. All work must be legible and thoughtfully completed.

 9. Due dates for absent work will be mutually agreed upon. It is the student’s responsibility to consult me after an absence. 

  • ****Textbooks we will be using in 8th grade:
  • Faith First—Benziger Publishers
  • The Bible
  • Advent/Lent Units—various sources
  • Second Step Program—Social/Emotional Skill Building—Committee for Children Publishers
  • Sacred Story Prayer Youth Program—Fr. Bill Watson, Coordinator–Seattle University priest   
  • Projects will be assigned periodically throughout each trimester. The projects will be given a due date, at least 2-4 weeks in advance, depending on the project. **Late projects will only be accepted in an emergency.                      
  • If you or your parent(s) wish to talk with me about a question or concern, here are the best ways to contact me:
    • A note from home handed to me in class
    • A Phone call: 425-747-6770 Ex. 218; I’ll make sure to get back with you within 24 hours
    • An E-mail: dshepp@stmadsophie.org

   **Remember, I’m always here for you!!!